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Scott Marine Power is a factory authorized sales and service dealer for Bosch Rexroth Electronic Marine Controls

Bosch Rexroth provides world-class electronic controls that push the envelope of innovation.

In marine applications, Bosch Rexroth controls are typically used for bridge, engine room, and remote station control, as well as for the various interlocking and station transfer requirements between these stations. They can be used for throttle and reverse gear controls for the primary propulsion engines or bow thrusters on work boats, push boats, tugs, pleasure boats, yachts, patrol boats, ferries, or ships. Bosch Rexroth state-of-the-art electronic controls feature a full CAN-bus serial communication network of controls that give the boat operator easier control, system expansion/modification and full self-diagnostics capability.

The Marex OS controls are our "Open System" CAN-bus controls that feature full programmability of all time delays, speed curves, serial communication among all components (for easier future expansion without need for total system re-wiring), and full fault diagnostics, etc. The well-proven Marex OS control unit has been further developed: MPC (Marine Propulsion Control), the backbone of Marex OS II is a sophisticated central processing unit with 16-bit processor, combined with in- and outputs.

Marex OS II plus – Successor of the Mini-Marex System

For parts information on Mini-Marex Marine Propulsion Controls, click here.

Marex OS II – the latest generation of electronic remote control systems for ship propulsMarex OS II Plus Remote Control Systemsion. The new extension MPC plus offers easy commissioning due to pre-assembled connectors and modern and compact design.

Based on the reliable MPC (Marine Propulsion Controller), Rexroth has developed a new version of the remote control system with this special control unit – the MPC plus with housing and connectors.

The backbone of the Marex OS II plus is the control unit MPC, which combines an effective CPU with 16-bit-processor with electronic in- and outputs. For the connection of engine or gearbox this control unit has the same connectors as the discontinued Mini-Marex system.

Due to its high modularity, the propulsion system Marex OS II plus is suitable for any kind of ship. For the operator, the modular system of the Marex OS II plus means a flexible and better adaptation to the particular type of propulsion system.

Major components of the Marex OS II plus are control heads in different sizes and designs (available with follow-up system), operating modules to control and indicate special functions, indication modules for speed, propeller pitch and direction, the control unit MPC plus with housing and connectors and ready-to-connect cables. The components are interlinked via CAN-Bus cables. The CAN-Bus protocol assures a highly safe control procedure.


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